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Wideassets Limited is a leading African Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Real EstateHub Registered in Nigeria with Cooperate Affairs Commission(CAC).
Wideassets Limited draws it’s strengths from trading and consultancy services in areas of ICT  and Real Estate over 8 years, and also on the strengths of highly skilled and experienced personnel.
Wideassets Limited products and services includes
Security Products:
 GPS/GPRS/GSM vehicle tracking system, personal tracker, CCTV, Bomb detector, Electric fencing, Electric gate opener, car rental system, etc.
Web/Offline Products:  
Premium Shortcode, Toll Free Longcode,Bulk SMS Service, Robo call/Voicesms Service  & internet marketing ,Invoicing , Stock Management, School Management System, Custom Software Development and website designing,
We help you Develop any website (Corporate, Personal, E-commerce, multimedia, Social Nework, High Yield Investment Program (HYIP), Blog, Forum, Chatting, Advertisement Platform and More. We also upgrade or add functions to your existing .

 We are an innovative company that helps customers create successful online presence.
 Our forward thinking and revolutionary team aspires to provide you with the best solutions with perfection. Our key focus is always to provide you with reliable solutions which are carefully designed and premeditated with stringent quality standards. We follow extremely non-compromising strategies to deliver results which are completely based on the customer’s requirements. Our every endeavor is in the direction of helping you streamline your operations in order, to take full advantage of the upcoming technologies and systems.
Inline with our innovative thinking we are one of the Nigeria’s leading property investment and asset managers. Our vision in real estate demands the very highest level of performance from every team member on every project. We negotiate every lease as if it were our own. We seek out every property as if we would be spending our work lives there. We execute every transaction as if our moral standing hangs in the balance – which it does. We help our clients implement LEED principles as if our children’s lives depend on it – which they do. Integrity. Responsibility. Sustainability.


Wiseassets is an innovative company that helps customers create strong successful online presence.
Wideassets Limited delivers Premium and highly efficient Security Tech by Boasting of World-Class and Cutting Edge Tools guaranteed to provide the top Performance.
We supply our clients with a wide range of quality,efficient and cost effective services with guaranteed workmanship. Through our dedicated execution and the highest of quality standards, we will build positive, long term relationships, ultimately resulting in referrals thus sustaining our business to the benefit of all stakeholders.
Inline with our innovative thinking we are one of the Pan African's leading property investment and asset managers.



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