Longcode & Sim Hosting

Longcode & Sim Hosting

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Our SMS Longcode/KEYWORD Hosting Service (also known as SIM Hosting) is a replica of Shortcodes function that offers a 2-way communication tool based on keywords sent in through text messages. Keyword Hosting is an easy way to receive SMS messages from your users/clients to your email, Server or Database, through a connection to our SMS server. (Very much similar to our SMS2WEB Service but much more advanced.

You can have your own SIM card or a shared one hosted to one of our SIM Server, so as to be able to receive SMS. All SMS messages sent to the mobile phone number of the SIM card will be forwarded to your account with us, to your mobile phone or to a URL of your Data Base Server. And you also get a reply message.

It’s a shared/Dedicated SMS Longcode and keyword (SIM) Hosting Service that provides a simple yet effective way to returning a customized response message to mobile phone that texts in, while forwarding the in-bound message. Unlike Shortcodes, you or your Customers don’t have to pay any premium rate. Normal SMS rates apply. The scalability and low cost of this service assures that many businesses like yours can fully harness the power of auto reply SMS. You can request for a Dedicated Longcode number or make use of our Shared Longcode numbers. You get to choose the keywords you want to use.



When an sms message is sent to a longcode number, e.g 234807777777 our SMS gateway will forward the received SMS messages to your opted route using protocols / interface that best suits your needs; for example HTTP, SMS to email, or it will be saved on your account with us, to your email, displayed on your site or forwarded to a URL of your DataBase Server. etc. and then a return message is sent, Just like most two way messages does.

This is great for programmers and Developers wishing to design web or native based application like 2factor sms authentication, auto sms replies, etc.  to see Longcode in use during our “WorldCup SMS Predict and Win Promo” and “Health Applications of longcode by United Nations” to learn more about using sms longcodes. 

Benefits of our Longcode includes

  • This service is always available. Even when your business is closed or phone lines are busy.
  • Can be used to attend to large base of customers flawlessly and automatically.
  • Nationwide Reach.
  • Works on every mobile or in-bound text message
  • use it to rapidly acquire your own mobile phone database for marketing purposes.
  • Track effectiveness of your marketing campaigns in different geographic regions.
  • Web Based Control Panel and Real Time Web Based Reporting
  • Email Forwarding (with senders mobile number and message)
  • Fixed, low cost.
  • No cost per SMS forward to your application or email.
  • Easy to remember Longcode numbers.
  • Compliments your Sales Email Address.
  • Your Chosen keyword works with all our long code numbers.
  • Works with all dedicated longcode acquired from us.

What is SIM Hosting?

SIM Card Hosting is a service where by your SIM Card is located in our data centre and running 24×7 without having your own computer / server or GSM device. We have dedicated and shared sim card hosting. Unlimited keywords comes wth Dedicated Hosting. Shared comes with one keyword. Additional keywords can be purchased. See details below.

Your will be given a Web Application to access your incoming SMS and outgoing SMS remotely anytime anywhere through internet connections.

Why SIM Hosting? Minimum setup and maintenance cost for multiple SIM cards. Enjoy lowest SMS rates in the market. 24×7 up and running system provided. 2-ways SMS – Send and receive SMS to your own numbers. Escape spam filtering system from Telco.

Receives Text from All Networks: MTN, AIRTEL, GLO and ETISALAT
Dedicated SIM Card Setup Fee: N121,000.00 (Multiple SIMs attract 10% discount). Setup comes with unlimited keywords. With a Annual Access Fee of N77,000.00. Quarterly Access Fee is N21,000.00. You can opt for which ever payment option that is convenient for you. Setup takes 15days to complete and it starts from the day we receive your registered Sim Card. Access fees are prepaid. However, quarterly postpaid access fee are acceptable.

Shared SIM Card Setup Fee: N92,000.00 (It takes 48 working hours to setup) . Setup comes with one(1) keyword. monthly fees N3,000. Additional keyword is N35,000.00.

Hosted SIM: Only MTN SIMs can be hosted. Our shared sim numberis already integrated in our server. You can provide your own sim on the dedicated platform. If you have an existing application, we can forward all incoming sms via our HTTP PUSH method. 

Bulk SMS Credits: If you want to reply your subscribers, then you will need to buy sms credits from us



Usual parameters for our PUSH method are:

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