cheapest bulk SMS in Nigeria free sms sending site

cheapest bulk SMS in Nigeria free sms sending site

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Reason Contactall BulkSMS Best Option to Meet Your Online Marketing Needs?

Below is 18 Compelling Reasons …

1. Because your SMS is delivered to ALL Nigerian phone networks ?

 Want to send your bulk SMS to MTN, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat, Starcomms, Visafone, Multilinks, and Zoom phone numbers? You can achieve it using Our Web SMS App!

2. Because you SAVE MONEY with our “Automatic Duplicate Numbers Remover”

Our system automatically detects duplicate numbers in your phone number list and remove them for you and keep just one so that you don’t unknowingly waste money sending the same message many times to the same person at once.

3. Because we guarantee that you’ll able to send your SMS exactly when you want – Admittedly, we sometimes experience server time-outs, when this happens and you can’t send your SMS, we offer to help you send it from our admin backend.

4. Because you can request for the refund of your money ANYTIME you’re not satisfied with our service ? Our offer is simple: “Send Bulk SMS Exactly When You Want… To ALL Networks in Nigeria… Starting from N65boko – Or Your Money Back!”

5. Because you get a high-value ebook specially package for SMS Messaging  ? Because we realize bulk SMS is not just about sending SMS, it’s about sending effective SMS, you’ll receive the powerful ebook titled: Powerful SMS That Make People Respond To your text!

 Want to get thousands of people to attend your seminars, training, Church programs, logon to , You’ll find this best marketing ideal a dream come true!

6. Because you can send 3 or more page SMS and it will be delivered IN FULL – Our system has the technology to deliver long text messages. So, you need NOT worry when your SMS gets longer than a page.

7. Because you can access our website on your mobile phone to send your bulk SMS ? Yes, you can send your bulk SMS from the convenience of your phone anytime, anywhere.

8. Because you can send SMS abroad ? Yes, you can send your bulk SMS to USA, UK, Canada, South Africa, and so on using Contactall BulkSMS. We cover over 100 countries and networks abroad. For list of countries we cover, please click Here to find our coverage links.

9. Because you get FREE continuous world-class SMS marketing tutorial on our blog ? We have a blog ready to assist you in succeeding in your bulk SMS publicity efforts. See our sms marketing blog here.

11. Because you’ll enjoy over 20 EXCITING FEATURES – Like unlimited customized sender ID, automatic removal of invalid characters, automatic SMS/page counter, phonebook, message draft, message history, transaction history, display of SMS units left, simple search, automatic cost calculator, and so much more!

12. Because our price is fair and reasonable for the great service we offer ? Depending on the volume of SMS you’re purchasing, our price is as “high” as N1 and as “low” as 65kobo. PLUS, you earn FREE SMS UNITS the more you recharge and enjoy many sweet, surprise bonuses and FREE GIFTS… regardless of the volume of your recharge!

13. Because you get the opportunity to earn money,FREE SMS units for life,PLUS FREE functional bulksms website of your own ? You can achieve this by inviting your friends to use For a more detailed information, call 08064153866.

14. Because you get 5 FREE SMS UNITS for adequate test drive ? Unlike other bulks SMS services that give you 2 to 3 free SMS on registration to test their service, immediately you register with us, you get 5 FREE SMS units to test our service. 5 FREE SMS units is more than enough to test deliverability, speed of delivery, unlimited number of sender ID, scheduling, delivery to major networks, automatic duplicate number removal, and ease of use.


15. Because our platform is VERY SIMPLE to use ? In Contactall Bulk SMS, sending your bulk SMS is as simple as sending an email. On top of that, we have a pictorial, step-by-step, very-easy-to-understand help section to guide you from A to Z.

16. Because you can conveniently and securely recharge your account anytime, any day at the comfort of your home ? In addition to bank payment , online transfer, you can even recharge your Contactall Bulk SMS account using your ATM card anytime of the day, anytime day of week – and your Contactall Bulk SMS Account will automatically be credited.

17. Because you can schedule your bulk SMS to be delivered later ? Yes, using Contactall Bulk SMS, you can schedule your text message to be delivered at a later time and date and it will exactly do as you say. Just set it up and go to sleep! This saves you time and money and you can use it for follow-ups.

18. Because WE call you when you need help anytime instead of you calling us ? Got questions? Enquiries? Comments? Need help? In the morning, afternoon, or night? All you have to do is text us “PLS CALL ME” to 08064153866 and we’ll promptly call you up and solve all the issue you may have regarding our bulksms sevice ,webhosting,web design project,any etc

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