Bulksms reseller business sending bulk sms in nigeria

Bulksms reseller business sending bulk sms in nigeria

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Becoming a bulk SMS reseller is pretty simple, and does not require you to know anything about programming or web design.
You will get a fully designed bulk SMS website, registered and hosted, with an online bulk SMS application already set-up for you to get going. Resellers have the advantage of selling bulk SMS at any price they wish and can manage their subscribers on their own using their own bulk SMS admin page.

Get Fully Customizable CMS Bulksms Portal of your own.
This is not a bulksms reseller turnkey website. We will design for you a fully customized bulksms portal using your content, logo, pictures as well as any color and font combination you want. You can also choose the navigational structure and layout you desire. You have access to over 2 million design possibilities, we take time to design each site seperately, so no two sms portals we design will look alike.PRICING


Your portal will be created and assigned to a unique bulksms gateway. I.e your own mini bulk sms gateway. You can load SMS units for a flat rate of 85kobo. The good thing about having a mini bulksms gateway is that it will help you have unlimited resellers under you.


YES, ARE YOU SUPRICE? the alternatives you may find will certainly charge you higher and good to know we may likely be their provider…So why not deal directly with the source and be equal to them???WE HAVE A GOOD NEWS FOR YOU.
This is limited to the first 30 people. We are prepared to respond to only 30 people


1) We are going to tell you what to do and how to ensure that your bulk SMS website comes out on the first page of Google organic search result just like the way contactallbulksms.com comes out on the first page of Google search result if anybody should search on Google.com

2) You will receive at least 10 different hot domain names via e-mail where you can promote your newly designed bulk SMS portal to start making four figure income in a day within the first 3 months.

 The Bitter Truth

We want you to understand that whatever price we offer on this cheapest bulk SMS portal is the least that we can afford to offer without compromising the quality of service that we render in terms of delivery rate and delivery speed. We use UK gateway service provider which is known to be the most expensive bulk SMS gateway service provider and the most reliable bulk SMS gateway service provider in the world. Therefore, we decided to offer you the cheapest bulk SMS and quality bulk SMS in Nigeria on the fastest and most reliable bulk SMS gateway at the expense of our profit margin.
Contactall Technologies Int’l did everything humanly possible to offer the cheapest bulk SMS price based on quantity range. We have never considered competitors’ offers before we decided on what price to sell bulk SMS to our esteemed bulk SMS users because we strongly believe in adding a token as our profit margin in order to offer the cheapest bulk SMS prices to our numerous bulk SMS users across Nigeria. We know that more bulk SMS users will be interested in using our cheapest bulk SMS portal if we offer the cheapest bulk SMS prices with quality services, and those who have been enjoying our cheapest bulk SMS prices will also be willing to tell other bulk SMS users who are using other bulk SMS portals about our reliable and cheapest bulk SMS portal. Therefore, we promise to always offer the cheapest bulk SMS in Nigeria with 100% bulk SMS delivery rate as usual and the fastest bulk SMS delivery speed while we are expecting you too to be referring your friends, relatives and business partners to our cheapest bulk SMS portal on contactallbulksms.com


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